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5 books I’ve read this year

I haven’t done a huge amount of blogging recently but I have been trying to read a bit more. So I thought I would share with you 5 books I’ve enjoyed so far this year:

No Little Women by Aimee Byrd
I have been waiting for someone to write a book on the topic of women engaging with theology and I am so glad Aimee Byrd has written this so well. She delights to see women study scripture and good theology and is greatly dismayed to see that this isn’t encouraged in church nearly as much as it should be. Aimee challenges the theological fluff that comes with the best sellers shelf in Christian book stores and encourages women to engage with these books rather than just simply absorbing what they say. This is so helpful for any Christian, man or woman, to read.

You can buy this book from here.



Ink by Alice Broadway
The idea behind this book is fantastic. Imagine having your life, everything you did (good or bad), tattooed on your skin for everyone to see. Sounds horrifying doesn’t it? But this is the world we are plunged into as we follow Leora uncover her family history and the dark secrets that they harbour. It’s young adult, so it’s fast paced and full of action.



You can buy this book from here.


All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai
This was an audio book I borrowed from the library, randomly picking it up to listen to. It’s all about time travel and the story of how Tom destroyed his world and created a lot of chaos. The ideas behind it are clever, playing around with the ideas of time travel, time lines and different versions of events that can change the make up of your family and your own personality. It’s intense at times and sometime mind-boggling. But it is good fun.


You can buy this book from here.



Recapturing the Wonder: Transcendent Faith in a Disenchanted World by Mike Cosper
This book isn’t out until the summer, but I managed to get a review copy. This has probably been my favourite book this year. Mike Cosper explores the ways in which our society is disenchanted, no longer believing in mystery or the supernatural and how that has dripped into our church and our beliefs. He implores us to bring back the wonder and awe of Christianity and helps the reader explore different ways to do that. I personally found it refreshing and creative, it was like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia and being captivated by the wonder and awe of Jesus again. This is a book worth reading when it comes out.

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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
I hadn’t realised how much I didn’t know Norse Mythology until I read this book. The stories shared are very different to the ones told by Marvel, they are more gritty and in-depth with subtle differences. Gaiman is one of my favourite authors, his writing style pulls the reader into the story until they are swimming with the characters, fully immersed in the myths and legends being told. The stories are varied, some are surprising and some are sad, but each one invites us to understand more of the world they are set in and the characters we meet. It is really an enjoyable read.

You can buy this book from here.

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