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5 Reasons to Read: A Wilderness of Mirrors

Recently I was given a review copy of Mark Meynell’s new book: A wilderness of mirrors. Overall I found this book a rich and insightful read.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. A deep look at culture – Mark Meynell invites us to take a deep look at our culture. He unmasks the covers of our cynical age and the causes of our cynicism, paranoia and skepticism. He takes a look at our tendency towards conspiracy theories and our mistrust towards authority. It’s helpful to see these themes and call them out as they are all something we can resonate with.

2. Well Researched – I felt throughout that Meynell had done a lot of research before writing this book. The amount of case studies, links and background information to back up what he was saying was huge. And I loved it. I love books like this. There were several times where I followed the links he gave and did some of my own research too. It had the feeling of an academic book but easily accessible for everyone.

3. Personal stories from the author – There were many points in the book where I found the experience and stories of the author really highlight what he was writing about. Meynell shared stories from his childhood and from his time in Africa which were challenging and tough for him. It made the book not just academic but personal on a level that the reader was able to relate with and it allowed him to connect with what he was writing about. I think it made the book more authentic and compelling to read.

4. Shows the Christian story – There was one part of the book that I found really helpful, which was Meynell showing his readers the different stories that have happened over time in our culture. Looking at the Premodern, modern, postmodern and Christian stories that have dominated our culture. The first 3 go from bleak to bleaker where we end up in the postmodern story which is just a lot of question marks. But then he shows us that it’s the christian story that really offers any hope. I found this really interesting as it helps us to see what story our culture believes in and how best to speak into that story with an offer of a better story of the gospel.

5. Points to Christ – As Meynell shows his readers the christian story he also points us to Christ. He shows us how Christ is the one we can trust and that his authority is not to be mistrusted or be cynical about. I found this grounded the book in good news and reminded me again of who Christ is and that he is good news for us all. It is Christ that helps us trust again in this cynical world.

Do check out Mark Meynell’s blog. The website for his new book.

And you can buy the Wilderness of Mirrors here.

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