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Article: Engaging with Stories

liftedRecently I had the opportunity to write an article for Angus Saul’s dissertation project which was to create a magazine aimed at young adult Christians to encourage them in their walk with Christ. The article is on the subject of how Christians can engage with the culture and stories around them. Here is a taster from my article:

Our culture loves stories. You can tell this by how much money is invested in bringing stories to us via the cinema, TV, books and increasingly, video games. We thrive on a good story that draws us in, whether that’s a hero saving the world, finding true love or a slave finding freedom. Stories not only transport us to a different world but they can teach us and shape us.

If you want to read more of my article then please go to this link here.

There are also lots of other articles in the magazine written by other authors on various subjects such as the bible, sports, board games and Christian dating. It is well worth a read.

Please do check out the facebook group here to keep updated with the magazine.

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