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I thought I would resurrect this to share with you some of things I have been reading/watching and listening to!

Watching & Listening:

Nerdwriter over on youtube does very cool short videos on various topics. One that I have enjoyed recently is his video on whether Video games can be classed as Art. 

Change for M.E. have released a documentary about what life is like with M.E. The video includes the story of my friend Tanya Marlow.

Radiolab do really cool and interesting podcasts. My favourite so far is their podcast on Mutant Rights: a dispute over whether X-MEN action figures are toys or dolls and which sparks a court case about what it means to be human.

James K.A Smith did a lecture on culture as liturgy: looking at what we do and how it shapes our lives.

Reading online:

Ted Turnau did a brilliant article on: We Have Met the Nerds, and They Are Us: Fandom, Fanfic, and the Landscape of Desire. 

Neil Gaiman writes/talks about How Stories Last:  “Stories … are genuinely symbiotic organisms that we live with, that allow human beings to advance.”

The BBC have an article on Why do fictional universes matter?

Paperback Reading:

The Salvation of Doctor Who:

I have recently joined NetGalley where I get a review copy of a book to read through and then review it on my blog. The Salvation of Dr Who is one of those books:


As a fan of Dr Who and looking at culture and christianity I was eager to read this book. It’s a short study guide that is meant to be taken in chunks for a small group setting.

On the offset I think this book has a huge amount of potential. Rawle weaves in themes about Dr Who and links them with Jesus and the bible, which makes a rather interesting read. I learnt quite a lot of new things and there were plenty of times where I pondered the themes that came up.

Saying that, I do think the book needs a bit more editing. There were quite a few times where Rawle repeated himself unnecessarily and I felt he could have gone more in-depth on some of the themes. There were also places in the book where it felt disjointed and I felt like I was going from one point to another without any real connection.  Other than that I love the idea of this, the cover is awesome and some of the themes that were brought out were really interesting and challenging.

If you are interested in buying the book then check it out on Amazon here.

A Hobbit, A Wardrobe and a Great War:

hobbitgreatwar I was so pleased to see this in my local online library. This was a rather fascinating read about how the Great War affected the writing of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien in their well-known books: Narnia Chronicles and Lord of the Rings.

Loconte had done quite a lot of research and it was so interesting as he pinpointed different elements and themes in the books and how they may have been influenced by the author’s experience in the war. He also went into detail about how the war shaped the lives of these men. If you are a fan of the works of Lewis and Tolkien then this is a must read to get a better understanding of who they were and what influenced their writing.

If you are interested in buying the book then check it out on Amazon here.

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