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My time has been somewhat limited due to the birth of our lovely son, hence the lack of blogging. But I have been doing lots of reading and watching various things, which I would like to share with you!

Watching & Listening:

Serial have started Season 2 of their funky radio type program. I am a bit behind but so far it has been rather interesting.

Radiolab have done a podcast on a unique video game called: That Dragon, Cancer. A moving podcast that accompanies a very moving video game.

Finally finished watching the D&D style, storytelling game called Titans Grave. Epic story and really fun to watch!

My husband Tim, has uploaded a new craft video on how to make a wooden, USB lamp. Check that out here.

Neil Gaiman’s book Neverwhere is on BBC radio.

Reading online:

Stephen Fry, Ian McKellen and Melvyn Bragg share stories of how literature can help with mental health problems.

A fun blog post: 10 Signs You Should Give Up On A Book You’re In The Middle Of.

A good review of the film “The Martian”

I loved this article on “Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories”

An interesting article on: “Why Pop Culture Is Obsessed with ‘Identity’

Paperback Reading:



I have recently read a brilliant fantasy Trilogy called 100 Cupboards. It is like reading a dark, twisted version of the Narnia books and it’s so good! I loved Wilson’s writing style and the characters were really fun to get to know. This is certainly worth reading!



Do check out my Top 10 reads of 2015.

I am also on Goodreads and I aim to read about 45 books in 2016! Why not join me and create a target for how many books you would like to read this year!?


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