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I Am Margaret | Book Review

I am Margaret is a thrilling book, from the time I started it to the moment I finished it, I was gripped. Literally couldn’t put it down! I wanted to know what happened next as I followed the story of Margo and the terrible society she is in. In Margo’s world there is a thing called the sorting, where at the age of 18 you need to pass certain exams and if you don’t, you get recycled.

The problem is, Margo does fail her sorting and what’s worse is that she is part of an underground network of believers, which carries a death penalty.

The author Corinna Turner unfolds a story where we follow Margo on a journey of love, faith and hope of freedom. The story has a very “Hunger Games” style to it, making you want to turn pages quickly to keep up with the gripping plot and lots of edge of your seat moments.

Let me tell you 3 reasons why I enjoyed this book so much:

1. It is probably one of the best Christian fiction books I have read. I am a huge fan of reading fiction and using your imagination, but often when it comes to Christian fiction I don’t stay around long because it’s so cheesy! (don’t get me started on Christian films…) But in all honesty – this book is far from the typical Christian cheese you might expect. This has a good plot, a great writing style and some scenes that make you squirm because it feels so real.

2. Faith is a central theme. The faith of Margo resonates throughout the book and as I said before it’s not in a cheesy way. Her faith isn’t an add on – its central to who she is and its also central to the plot. The underground network of believers hits us with a reality that in some countries this is how life is and in this book we see something of the hardship and the hope of that. You are by no means embarrassed that Margo is a Christian, in fact you admire her and at times you are fearful at what the outcome may be for her.

3. A gripping and inspiring read. As I said before, this is a page turner book. Its one you gulp down in one go and enjoy the twists and turns and high intensity of it all. The story is written in a way that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more. The story is inspiring with the faith of Margo hugely challenging the reader. For me it brought up the question of “What would I do in this situation?”.

I would highly recommend this book. Corinna has done a fantastic job and it’s also only book one of a series… book two is hopefully coming out soon!

Why not buy the book here: I Am Margaret

Check out Corinna’s website and trailer: I Am Margaret

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