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New Blog and New Start

coffee-and-coffee-beans-close-upSo, it is finally here. My new blog.

I know it has taken a while and there is still a bit more tweaking to be done to it.

I have moved over to my own hosting site, with a new address, theme and also focus for the blog. The focus is going to concentrate more on engaging with cultures (movies, books, comics, video games, TV , media etc) and also theology mixed in there as well. I hope it can be helpful for you all – I want it to be a platform for conversation and thinking things through about how the Gospel can engage with culture.

Everything is new for me 

Why has it taken me so long to move here? Mostly because I have been in a place of transition – moving house, leaving my job and starting something very new. I just needed time to breathe and time to just be. I also lost my writing inspiration as well but it seems to have trickled back.

I am currently in an amazing position in my life – I have more free time to invest in people and also our online ventures with YouTube. I will probably talk about them in a later post. But life is very different for me at the moment and I am loving it.

So I just wanted to welcome you. The blog is still has a bit of scaffolding on it, it’s not totally finished, but if I didn’t start getting posts up here soon, I would just end up tweaking everything and staring at the screen!!

There are some posts from my old blog up on this blog, so please do have a look around and comment on them. In the meantime I will be writing some new posts for this blog!

Thanks very much!


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