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Paradoxology: Book Review

I must admit, before reading this book, I have always enjoyed reading Krish Kandiah’s books and articles. The first time I met him was during my time on CU exec at uni. As the Evangelism coordinator I had the privileged of working with him as he spoke at our CU events week where he engaged popular films with the Gospel. It was brilliant and it was during this week that sparked my love for engaging pop culture with the Gospel.

So when I grabbed a copy of Paradoxology by Krish, I was pretty excited and eagerly got stuck in.

I wasn’t disappointed.

This book isn’t shy about facing the hard questions of Christianity. The type of questions we wrestle with and hope no one asks in a bible study or when we tell our friends we go to church. The type of questions that can spring up doubts or we feel embarrassed to ask.

But Krish faces these questions head on and that’s what I like about this book.

The strap line of the book is, “Why Christianity was never meant to be simple“. It isn’t black and white, there are bits of Christianity (and indeed in life) that feels and appears quite grey and complicated. So, Krish highlights these grey areas and leads on a journey through the bible, presenting each paradox to us: Suffering, Love, Sovereignty, Gods Distance and yet presence, the God who is silent, Jesus: divine yet human and the subject of the cross etc.

As he does so, he weaves a story, guiding us on a path to see how these paradox’s live in tension with each other and yet can also be compatible and beautiful. It felt like he gave us permission to pick out these tensions and hold them up, saying; “How does this work?” without feeling embarrassed. 

This is a book for those asking questions about the Christian faith, whether you are someone just interested in what we believe or you are a believer yourself. We all have these questions at some point in our lives and this book opens up a way to explore, poke, examine and hold up those paradoxes that make our head ache while revealing to us the awe and wonder of the Christian faith.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who has these types of questions or who wants to explore ways of answering and understanding these questions further.

This book has been in the UK for a while now. But it is now being released in the US via InterVarsity Press.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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