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Top 5 Films Watched in 2014

To accompany my Top 5 Books Read in 2014, I thought I would also share with you my top 5 films that I have watched this year. You are able to buy these films from by clicking on the picture of the film*

1. Saving Mr Banks

 Based on a true story it takes us through the stages of the loved book Mary Poppins onto film. If you were like me and didn’t realise that Mary Poppins was originally a book before Disney took it on, then you will love how this film shows you the relationship between Walt Disney and the author of Mary Poppins. There are bits that will make you laugh and cry and sing “Lets go fly a kite!”



2. Gravity

 This film is intense, it will make you grip the sofa you are sitting on. But if you love films that move your heart to your throat, then you will enjoy this one. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney battle space, where as we all know, no one can hear you scream. I enjoyed the ride, closed my eyes on several occasions and was relieved when it was all over!



3. Guardians of the Galaxy

 As a Marvel fan, this film ticks all the boxes and more. I enjoyed it most of all because of the humour and the characters in the film. You fall in love with Rocket (who isn’t a raccoon) and Groot. There is loads of action, fighting and heroic adventures.




4. The Lego Movie

 This film ticks all my geek boxes and my love for Lego. This is pretty much stop motion pictures and its fantastic. The plot is good and one that children and adults can enjoy with appropriate adult themed humour. It rests on loads of geeky films and books which build up the story of the Lego Movie. One to watch this year!

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5. Black Mirror – White Christmas

 Although this technically isn’t a film, it was one of my favourite shows this year. I love Black Mirror and Charlie Brookers mind behind it all. Its gritty, deep and disturbing. It taps into our culture and drills into the heart of humanity. It makes you feel sick and intrigued. White Christmas does the same as the other episodes in the Black Mirror series and its worth watching.

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What were your favourite films of 2014?

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