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5 Reasons to Read: Answering Jihad

Written by Nabeel Quereshi (author of “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus), this book comes at a time when a lot of people are asking questions about Islam. Nabeel writes this book from the perspective of growing up as a Muslim but now a follower of Jesus. I found this book really helpful and insightful. I also felt that it was respectful to the Islamic faith while exploring questions through the eyes of Nabeel. So I want to share with you my 5 reasons to read this book*:

1. Question and Answer format: Nabeel writes his book by answering 18 questions about Islam. They are really helpful questions like: what is Islam? is Islam a religion of peace? what is Jihad? what is Sharia law? etc. I think Nabeel answers these questions in a way that is easy to understand and provides the reader with a satisfied answer to their questions.

2. Respectful Tone: Although Nabeel is a Christian and writes this through the lens of Christianity, I found it to be respectful and honest towards Islam. The tone was never about bashing the religion or those who follow Islam – as we are reminded that Nabeel grew up as a Muslim. However he isn’t shy in saying what he thinks, he expresses his struggles and doubts with some of what the Quran says and comes to some challenging conclusions.

3. Answers hard questions: There are some tricky questions that Nabeel is willing to answer. One of them is whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God? This question has come up in Christian circles a few times recently and it was great to see Nabeel answer that question and back up his reasoning. (For those who are wondering; he doesn’t think we worship the same God). There are other hard questions like looking at the wars in the Old Testament and whether they are the same as Jihad. I like that these questions are in there because at some point I know that I have asked the exact same questions!

4. Draws on Knowledge and Experience: What is great about this book is that Nabeel draws upon his own experience growing up as a Muslim, as well sharing his knowledge of the Quran and hadiths. He regularly quotes verses from the Quran to back up what he is saying and to draw attention to what Islam says about certain topics. It was really helpful reading that and feeling like Nabeel did a lot of research to provide good answers to the questions.

5. Helpful for Everyone: This isn’t a book just for Christians but for anyone who is interested or is asking these kind of questions and are wanting answers. It’s easy to read, in a great format so you can flick to the question you want and the author writes in a way that is challenging and honest.

I would certainly recommend this book for everyone to read, I think it is helpful, clear and challenging. If you are interested in buying the book then just Click Here

*I was given this book through NetGalley for an honest review.

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